Hi I’m Ally,

I’m the owner and founder of ‘Foliage & Fleur’. Im a lover of plants, succulents, flowers, & tropical landscape.

I love to surround the interior of my home with plants but found (like everyone) with the day to day tasks of running a household and raising children I always failed to keep plants healthy indoors.....

This how ‘Foliage & Fleur’ came about, initially to help myself but more recently to help people who don’t actually have a green thumb to accompany their love of indoor plants.

The solution: to provide the ultimate in realistic plants that need zero care so people can confidently update there homes, office and personal spaces without the chore of maintaining their health.

With a recent floristry qualification at the Gold Coast florsity & Retail management, I can now offer you all REAL, beautiful & heart warming blooms for your special event, wedding or just to spoil yourself with weekly posies.